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Welcome to Edge Tech Now

We Are Smart Creative Agency

EdgeTechNow is an IT services company that provides consulting, right to hire, and direct placement services to major companies across the country. Our corporate headquarters are located in Bronx, New York

Clean Code

Clean code is simple and direct. Clean code reads like well-written prose. Clean code never obscures the designer’s intent but rather is full of crisp abstractions and straightforward lines of control.

Mobile Optimzed

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.


We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

Awesome Portfolio

We provide the best solutions for your business.

We combine design, thinking and craft.

We always stay with our clients and respect their business. We deliver 100% and provide instant response.

We offer a wide range of Software Development service coupling the latest technology in New York and around the region with high profile international businesses, web design services for small business/medium size enterprises and government clients trusting EdgeTechNow’s web design and web development skills to help feature their products and services at international level. .

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We help industry leading service and support operations set their strategic goals, improve operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Software Development

In order to increase business, you will need to use friendly software.IT Castle provide you the best software solution.

Website Development

Our mission is to provide competitive products and services with unmatched customer support to fulfill their requirements at cost effective parameters. Our dedication to our satisfied clients makes them our lifetime partners with an accountability built on trust, hard work and positive attitude.Our team provide best web solution ever.

Mobile App Development

Get more user for your service.You may need a mobile application.Our genius developers can give you a simple solution.

Online Marketing

Online advertising like facebook, twitter,youtube ads, bost your page or product.We use the best technology to market your business.

Wordpress Development

WordPress developer delivers best development & customization solutions to help your business survive in the competitive world at the same time you work on increasing your sales. We have a robust team that utilizes highly efficient skills to make your website dynamic and give you industry-focused solutions.


We provides online marketing, search engine optimization & online reputation management services to companies of all sizes, primarily based in United States. Some of our SEO clients also target national and global searches.


On the cultural side, we invest energy into building relationships across the team & company.

John Weible

Human Resources Manager

Scarlett Henderson

Human Resources BP

Nicholas Kelly

Information Technology VP

Robert Coleman

Senior Delivery Manage


We help industry leading service and support operations set their strategic goals, improve operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.Our proven strategic planning methods leverage input from key decision makers within the organization, interviews with individual contributors and discussions with key customers to develop the strategic plan and align organizational objectives for maximum business results. In addition, we will align the strategy with customer service industry standards and best practices to ensure your success.

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We are committed to helping quality minded organizations deliver a superior service experience. Through our consulting, training, industry standards and certification programs we enable our clients to serve their customers better in the global marketplace.

Sales ERP


Per month

  • Manage Sales/ Sales return
  • Point of Sale
  • Invoicing System
  • Purchase Management/Return
  • Multi warehouse
  • Inventory Control
  • Customer Management
  • Multi warehouse
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Business Report
  • Customization
  • Website Intregreated

Custom Development


Per Hour

  • Branded Reports
  • 25 Analytics Compaign
  • 1,900 Keywords
  • 4 Social Account

Client Testimonials


Teams at Edge Tech Now have the freedom to utilize the technologies that best suit their needs. Whether those are open source, third party, or internal tools, teams are empowered to make their own decisions about what works best for them.

Milestone Grooming

Where do you see your industry headed? What is trending for organizations in your space? A thorough market analysis will help you answer these questions.

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Buisness Grooming

Are all of your goals achievable? Are there some that are simply not within the realm of possibility? It’s great to have stretch goals, but you should be able to reach them within a three- to five-year time period.

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Digital Development Squad

We power inbound marketing programs that generate qualified leads and nurture sales opportunities. We build vetting and nurturing systems to ensure that our clients can scale up their marketing and sales efforts intelligently.

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